Welcome to TheGreatRaw.com where you can see me in a more closer light than I can ever present to you on any social media form. Also if you're a fan of alternative hip hop & Trap Metal you in the right place

In my world my creative content reigns supreme and together we make this particular world even greater. I will be sharing stories behind new releases ,projects that I am currently working on so I just ask that you stay tuned in and take this wonderful journey with me DvrkVybez for life.

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DV4L is an acronym for DvrkVybez 4 Life but this is not referencing to anything sinister,it simply means that which is hidden and eternal is where you find true light which is a vibe in itself this is about frequency and energy this is a community not to be associated with anything other than being your true self.


Join my family and have access to never before seen footage and video clips that were banned from my instagram get updates on my projects before I release them and get to know me on a more personal level the content you'll witness here will not be seen anywhere else but my website.

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