"Whether you’re a newcomer to trap metal or a longtime fan, The Great Raw is worth checking out. "


- GasMask Magazine -

The Great Raw is an new extremes musician, of Trap metal/ragecore music

(A style of trap companied by elements of punk and Nü metal) 

Born 01/27 He is the founder of DV4L (DvrkVybez 4 Life) his very own "Dark family" brand represented by him & his fans previously known as T.G.O (Trust God Only) which transitioned with The Great Raw's new age belief system. 


The Great Raw's music style borders alongside futuristic witch house, horrorcore and sludge metal. Although trap Metal can be a very different style from "Screamo Rap" or "Rap Metal" The Great Raw's glitchy music style breaks all laws of the genre gatekeepers by mixing all elements of hip-hop, trap, heavy metal, punk, Nü metal, Rap Metal and Screamo Rap. 

Raw's grungy, trap metal 2.0 sound has derived vocals from Metal and instrumentals from Trap with Rap Lyrics, since The Great Raw is not only a Artist but a exceptional songwriter and producer of his very own songs like 

  • De(v)il Inside

  • Antinomian

  • Laughing at cho ass

  • Cxm Fvce

  • Cr33py P30ple

  • Hxly Grail

and many more, after all you can't have the word Artist without the word Art.

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio however raised the majority of his life in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area which he considers home,Raw has encountered much adversity while overcoming homelessness thrice and still managed to create music and content related to his music from hotel living conditions.On March 14,2019 he received airplay on Titan Radio, a college radio station located in Fullerton, California. On March 23,2019 he participated in the Beats Planet Talent search where he was the top pick for weeks 3 & 4 of the search. One of his previous singles "BDSM" is also featured on a new IOS app called Upbeat, a platform that allows fans to discover new music and rate songs in which his single was a nominee for song of the year on the app.  The Great Raw has also been published in Independent Magazines HBTMagazine & GasMask Magazine.