Challenge Thyself Am I up For It?

Updated: Feb 12

This is definitely not the me from 7 yrs ago
What's Life Without Challenges?

The challenge I have set up for myself is more of a trial of rejecting any thoughts, things and people that do not line up with my ideal reality and self. How easy is it to find our mind’s fixated on the things that conflict with that which we desire? Clearly the apparent is a giant in a world that has no awareness of the higher realms or the invisible things, which are superior to that, which is formed. Then I think suddenly that it is realizations such as this that cause one to feel a experience of loneliness, being that it is not often you encounter anyone who can expand their mind enough to seek out the things which are not understood on the grounds of society and not even considered with a spec of curiosity. I am engaging an initiatory path and this path involves not being controlled by the emotions that put halts to the results we truly desire in example anxiety, worries, and frustration all are opposition to a life of abundance and spiritual growth. Imagination, Visualization and Meditation are all key components or tools that I will apply to make this evolutionary change occur in my life, yet by my experimenting with such I find them mandatory to keep sanity because there are so many who fail to utilize the birthright of creativity. What is true creativity? It is taking the control of every layer of our being; it is the accountability and ownership of the planes in man. I am deciding to counteract every thought that does not serve me as master, and I am purposely drawing to myself the sensory experiences that I truly will to experience.

However I know, I must put myself in a vibrational energy rehab, yes a energy rehab, for years and even currently you and myself have been very reactionary to circumstances, people, and predicaments. Now is the time to become a puppeteer of those things outside of ourselves by bringing an balanced alignment to our internal self, I do not speak of this as if it is an ABC cakewalk not at all in fact that is what makes this challenge worthy I am seeking to be a new being, an analyzer collecting the data only of the things that can help with the process of transmuting to being unaffected by the things experienced or the things I am a witness too. I realize it is better to siphon the things we will experience and have them work in our favor rather than have them work against us.

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